A mother’s determination to stay fit, and a dash of local grit.

Busted Barbell Fitness was born in 2015. A tiny store, on Main Street in Kindersley, SK, was the spark. The community showed up, faster than they could fit in the space. And within a year, they needed a place to congregate. So we built it. 
Expanding across the region, Busted Barbell Fitness is home to sports nutrition, supplements, apparel, and accessories for every athlete of every level. And, a wildly-popular smoothie bar with a huge selection of pure fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and iced frappes.
We believe that health and fitness really is for everyone–any age, any goal. Proper nutrition and supplements aren’t just for the edge-case, they help everyone find the power to push through. Busy schedules, family life, and living where you want to live shouldn’t get in the way of your fitness goals. 
We’re here to help.

About the founder

Shilow Bennett

After a 50 lb. weight-loss journey, right through the challenge of being a new mother, Shilow caught the fitness bug. Like most people, she slowed down through college, life got in the way, and the pounds came on. Shedding them was just the start.

Staying healthy felt, at times, harder than getting there. One of the toughest parts: finding the right nutrition and tools close to home. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, Shilow wanted to help right here at home. So she did. Opening Busted Barbell Fitness in 2015, she took the risk on a tiny space and a big idea: bringing the best in sports nutrition to her local community. It paid off.

Shilow and her team at Busted Barbell Fitness have been able to grow and support local fitness communities in a way that seemed impossible just a short while ago. And it’s not slowing down.

Shilow’s fitness journey is all about fun. From mud and obstacle runs to CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, she’s always looking for new ways to break through.