ALLFLEX Joint care
ALLFLEX Joint care
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ALLFLEX Joint care

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Rapid Joint Recovery and Pain Management – Powered with UC•II


ALLFLEX is a synergistic and balanced blend of complementary ingredients designed to:

• Helps Restore Joint Mobility
• Patented Type-II Collagen
• Reduces Joint Pain

As an athlete who trains intensely, your body is more prone to wear and tear and the increased demands will inevitably lead to sore joints and muscle pains. If you’re pushing your body to the extreme at the gym, you demand something that will alleviate this pain quickly and effectively. ALLFLEX, powered with UC•II was strategically designed to provide support and relief from the pounding your body takes in and out of the gym.


ALLFLEX is an advanced recovery reliever that promotes joint health and mobility and reduces the pain and inflammation associated with intense physical activity. As a proprietary blend it has been formulated for both active individuals and competitive athletes who participate in high intensity exercises.


The ALLFLEX delivery system starts with a rapid-release microthin capsule that delivers results quickly and has a sustained-release formulation that continues to work over a 12-Hour Period. Your joints take a pounding and until now, there has been just the regular, same old joint ingredients. Backed by the strength of 6 Human Clinical Trials, ALLFLEX® with UC-II® gives you the tools to fight back.


The key to this impressive and highly advanced formula is a combination of UC-II® Undenatured Type-II Collagen for joint repair, 3-LASTIN™ for inflammation and OptiMSM® for joint mobility with potent Curcumin for Free Radical Reduction and Antioxidant support!


UC•II® Joint Regeneration Agent – Undenatured Type-II Collagen  (40 mg)
A powerful joint-specific anti-inflammatory and a newly discovered antioxidant that helps address oxidative damage to joints. UC•II has been found to be superior, safe, completely natural and effective ingredient for joint and pain management. This superior ingredient is effective at pain and joint management and is manufactured through a low-temperature process that ensures the biological activity remains intact.

Best of all, the type of collagen most abundant in joints is the same collagen in ALLFLEX with UC•II®. Over 30 years of double-blind, placebo controlled studies indicate that it actually helps in the synthesis of new cartilage in challenged joints. (Protected by 4 separate US Patents.)

UC•II is a revolutionary new approach to joint and pain management and is backed by six human clinical trials, including one conducted at the prestigious Harvard University that found that study participants experienced substantial improvement with the addition of UC•II® and best of all, experienced no side effects .

In research, Boswellic Extract was found to reduce inflammation by inhibiting proinflammatory 5-lipoxygenase chemicals and blocking leukotriene synthesis. Those with joint pain are often looking for a natural alternative and 3-Lastin provides a well-tolerated and safe alternative.

OptiMSM® Collagen Synthesis Activator – Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) (450 mg)
MSM helps repair damaged cells and promotes the growth of healthy new cells. MSM is necessary for joint collagen synthesis. Collagen builds a powerful matrix to help strengthen joint tissue, while providing flexibility. It is also a protein and essential for the growth and repair of cells.

MSM is a natural sulphur compound in fruit, vegetables, fish, milk and grains. In Human clinical research trials, MSM was found to relieve pain and stiffness and reduce swelling and inflammation. It has been found to be a safe and effective method to provide joint comfort and increase joint range of motion.

Curcumin Antioxidant Powerhouse – Curcuma Longa (100 mg)
Curcumin provides powerful joint tissue protection from Free Radical Oxidative damage at the cellular level and has been found to be more than more than 300 times the antioxidant power than vitamin E. This has been used in traditional Asian medicine to alleviate pain associated with arthritis and reduce inflammation. Furthermore, it can help inhibit the production of prostaglandins.

Salix Alba – White Willow Extract (100 mg)
The ultra pure, bioavailable herbal extract Salix Alba has been carefully combined with the core ALLFLEX ingredients to reduce inflammation, joint pain, swelling and stiffness.
Salix Alba or white willow extract is derived from a large tree indigenous to Central and Southern Europe, Asia and North America and has long been utilized for its inflammation properties. It has been recorded as being one of the oldest forms of natural painkillers in human history.

Specifically, the inner bark of white willow contains tannins that have been suggested as being responsible for pain relief and reduction. It has also been found to inhibit prostaglandins (chemicals produced in response to injury to the body). White willow often referred to as nature’s aspirin and provides a powerful but completely natural approach to treating aches and pains.

Vitamin C and E complex

Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate (40mg or 100% RDI)
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and antioxidant that is essential for high performance athletes. It provides support to the immune system under stress and intense training, and helps maintain collagen, which is essential for the formation and repair of connective tissue.

Vitamin E – di-Alpha Tocopherol (35 iu or 100% RDI)
This powerful antioxidant helps improve circulation and is necessary for tissue repair. It is also helpful for normal blood clotting, healing and prevents scarring. It provides athletic support by relaxing cramps and maintains healthy nerves and muscles, while strengthening capillary walls. The alpha form of vitamin E has been found to be the most potent form.

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