Organic Brown Rice Protein- Unflavoured 340 grams
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Organic Brown Rice Protein- Unflavoured 340 grams

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Organic Brown Rice Protein

Our Certified Organic brown rice protein is another animal-free, vegan, plant source of protein!

Our rice protein is cold pressed to preserve maximum freshness, and no chemicals (such as hexane, which is commonly used to make regular rice proteins) are used to make our Certified Organic rice protein.


Rice is considered by most nutritionists as being the least allergenic of all the proteins. If soy or milk upset your stomach, you are likely deficient in protein, and rice protein is likely the best route for those with allergies to soy or milk.

Rice protein is best mixed with juice to add some flavour, as rice protein by itself is quite bland. Try adding strawberries and apple juice in a blender and adding 1 – 2 tablespoons of our organic rice protein powder!